:the voices//

The voices in my head, it’s the voices in my head. They won’t let me have peace. They won’t let me sleep. They tell me stories and sing me melancholic songs. They take me on walks along barren roadsides and through dark forest pathways. They carry me, like a feather with the wind, into grey … Continue reading :the voices//



The horrible faces leered at her. Their eyes were stitched shut and their mouths slashed at the cornes and this gave them a permanent look of agonized laughter. The hair hung lanky and dry with dreadlocks braided with what seemed like pieces of rotting human flesh. The hands were wrinkled and shrivelled with pointed talons, … Continue reading :faces//


I see. The butterflies bursting in whorls of colours and the windswept autumn leaves. The waves crashing into each other like Aristotle's split-aparts finding their way back home. The flash of lightening, illuminating the hidden corners of Earth and the thunderous clouds, painted in dynamic shades of grey. The blossoms throwing away their seals, spreading … Continue reading :senses//