:just remember//


You. Yes you. You with a heavy heart and sad eyes. I see you staring at your reflection with unanswered questions brimming, blurring your vision. I see your lips quiver, your hands tremble. I see you fidgeting with doorknobs and tripping over stones. I see you holding your head in your hands, disappointed and hopeless. I see you heaving cold sighs. I see the effort you put in every curve of your chewed lips. I see that every attempt you make at humor fails. I see the difficulty you face when you pick up the pen and the grief you feel as a lone tear crashes on the blank page. I see the heaps of crumpled sheets that litter the floor of your forlorn room. I see the empty wall that was once decorated with pictures of you making the most out of your life. I see the crayons broken in half and the flowers in the crystalline vase that dried over a week ago. I see the books unread, the forgotten bookmarks. I see the curtains that haven’t been pushed back in ages, the windows that yearn to let some light and fresh air in. I see the tear stains on the pillow cover. I see it all. I hear what the darkness whispers to you. I hear the anguished beat of your heart. I feel the hold of misery and despair too. I feel the melancholic chill of your hovel. Every heartache, every torment, I know of. I know you’re hurting. I know it’s dark and damp, the colors are fading out. I know your regrets are weighing you down and taking away the music from your life. I know the remorse you feel over the mistakes you committed is leeching away the wish to excel.

But you know what? You need to stop with self-condemnation and self-accusation right now. You. The one reading it, or maybe the one writing it. You can be anyone. Maybe you lost your self-confidence because of a boy who could never see the light in you or because of a goal you don’t see yourself achieving. Maybe you forgot your worth over an exam you didn’t ace or a society you couldn’t satisfy. Maybe you blame yourself over mistakes you committed while you were still learning to fly but listen to me and tell me; what is your life without any space for learning? No bird ever learns to fly without falling. You can’t spread your wings until and unless you step out of your comfort zone. You won’t ever know your worth until you test it and this is exactly how you test it. You make all the wrong decisions to realize the right ones. You take all the wrong roads to choose your final destination. You make all the great falls to know your own strength. You love all the wrong people to recognize the right ones. You break yourself because people can no longer break what’s already broken. You play all the wrong notes to compose your own beautiful melody. You mix and swirl all the wrong kind of colors to produce a masterpiece. This is how you live your life, one step at a time, one lesson at a time. You certainly don’t live in your past, but your past is what makes your future. And while you are at it, never forget that your present requires your attention too. So wipe your tears and do it all.

Write your own love story. You don’t need a prince or a princess to complete you. You need yourself to complete you. You don’t need this society to approve of what you wear and how you live. You don’t need a boy to make you feel beautiful or a girl to make you feel important. You don’t need an alphabet to decide your genius for you. Don’t restrict yourself to sheets of paper. Scribble on the walls and etch your name onto the wood. Pull the doormat from under your feet and let yourself fall because trust me, there’s no fun in standing up straight. Real fun comes from falling and picking yourself back up. Scream your name into the mountain valleys and listen to how beautiful it sounds as it bounces back to you. That’s what you are, a beautiful creation who deserves to shine. Paint your walls. Let the fairy lights glow. Let the butterflies dance around your garden. Let your flowers bloom. Live. Laugh. Love. Life is not about what you couldn’t do, but about what you couldn’t and you still did. Let your colors burst forth in multicolored ribbons of dazzling light. Sing with the birds and teach them your symphony. Just do it. Just do everything you ever wanted to and don’t worry about what’s done. In fact, be grateful for it because there’s no better teacher than your own past.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to give yourself a big thumbs up as you search for imperfections in your reflection. You are perfect with your imperfections and terrific with all your flaws. Just remember that a single smile of yours can light up someone’s day. Just remember that even in a crowd of a hundred people who only love to point their fingers at you, there’s someone who sees beauty in the way you don’t fit. Just remember that you are the life force to someone, the essential and necessary body part without which the body dies, the body fails. Just remember that when you break yourself, you break someone else too so just ask yourself this question….

Do you want another young soul to wither like you did?


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