:the missing heart//

Happy was the kid with her heart in her chest,

Smiling the brightest, looking her best.


Happy was the kid unaware of the world,

Unknown to the abuses he then brutally hurled.


Happy was the kid before that spoiled city boy,

Before her precious existence got mistaken for a toy.


Now all that’s left is a dying rose,

Writing sad poems and these heart-shattering prose,


Smile, she does, and still looks her very best,

All that’s missing now is the heart in her chest.


One thought on “:the missing heart//

  1. OMG !How innocent is that kid,still having Heart in her chest but she thinks she lost it & still missing it.
    Idk how i’ve to make her realize that

    All is well,
    nothing has lost but her thoughts..Respected Writer


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