:believe, jump, fall, fly//

From the day you let out your first cry to the day you exhale your last breath, you make your way through the crests and troughs of life. Sometimes, these ups and downs become so frustrating that you throw your hands up and shake your head in defeat as your expression drips with melancholy. Your chest swells with agonizing memories of past, hope crumbles to powdered grief. Dark nostalgia claws at you heart, leaving deep dark gashes you think would never heal. Your dreams become dark inky blots of hopeless strolls down silent corridors of abandoned castles. You curl up in the bleakest corner of your subconscious and shut out any possible beam of golden light. You refuse to be lit up because the fear of the light being extinguished out of your life “again” is prevalent. You believe that nothing good can ever come to you and so you tightly shut the doors of your heart and close your ears to any knocking. You lose every opportunity to smile because you are too cautious, too careful therefore you forget to smile. You lose the light in yourself, the fireworks which are more beautiful than the 4th of July. You become a doll whose fate is decided by every other person in the world, thrusting in pins after pins. The mirror that reflects your beauty shatters and the the thin lines of the cracks widen. You lose your shine to opacity and dull shades of dreary grey get draped over your glittering aura.

Isn’t it so sad that while there’s so much you could have been, miserable and forlorn was what you chose? Isn’t it so sad that of all the seven skies you could have flown through, you chose to sink? Isn’t it so sad that your dazzling smile then became unknown to you? Isn’t it such a pity that the colors you once wasted in painting gardens faded to dying starbursts and the birds you once sang to forgot the path to your orchards? It’s a pity that the melodies and symphonies ceased to agonized shrieks and wails within the psychology of your brain and the imagination that vividly drew the picture of a perfect future died and is buried in the graveyard where hundreds of your dead dreams lay at rest. The cupid’s broken arrow is such a cruel symbol of a broken heart and a bleeding love story but listen….

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the lights.” The night never stands before the day. The dark always loses the battle against light. Regrets, grievances and complaints are the work of caged brain but a cage with the door offering freedom and you can always get out of it. Everything only lasts for as long as you want it to last and the sooner you resolve to uproot the virus from its very core, the better. You are never tested beyond your capabilities and that’s the beauty of your Creator. The shattered opportunities should never be able to pull you down. You are one of your kind and you can stand over every one who ever tries to belittle you.

So fall on your face and break your teeth for only broken things can no longer be broken. Get up and dust your clothes off. And do what you always wanted to. Even do what you hadn’t wanted to. Color your rainbow black and then sprinkle silver glitter over it. Swing on the weakest trunk of a tree and let yourself fall. Eat what you never wanted to and then purge out the dark memories like you purge the unwanted food out of your system. Dance in the rain and let yourself slip on the slick pavement. Call the wrong numbers to meet the right people and block the right numbers to chop the wrong people out of your life. Drink apple juice out of whiskey bottles and pretend to be drunk and forget what you thought was impossible to forget. Write the right kind of words to the wrong kind of people on a white paper colored with your emotions and sentiments. Fall in love with yourself and praise yourself for you are the strongest of beings and the most courageous who rose from a sick shoot to a magenta flower. Cry when you feel like you have had enough and smile because there’s no such thing as enough. Look for love in the most unexpected of places and let it embrace your very being. Believe in you can, and you will. Believe in your potentials, and they will burst forth. Believe in your ideas and give them the shape they said you would never be able to give them. Believe in knights in shining armor and wizards who brew love potions. Do it all and still look for more. Explore the caves of Himalayas and the clearings of Amazon. Scribble the name of your high school crush on a maple tree leaf and let it float along with the wind, whispering stories of love that was never meant to be. Scream your name into a valley and hear the beautiful sound of it reaching back to you. Smile, for the bright smile that decorates your face and the beauty of it embarrasses the queen’s diamonds.

Say Hello to the million colors of joy and bid farewell to the single disgraceful blot of grey. Tell yourself you deserve the best and best is what you shall have so that best is what you get.


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