:thank you, superwomom//


17 years 27 days ago, a first-time mother was given a tiny, wailing bundle to hold. The woman held her little bundle of joy, smiling at the little thing. With every shriek, a tear of joy rolled down her cheeks. That was probably the only time she smiled when her baby cried.

Today, that wailing baby has grown up enough to type out this tiny tribute to the woman who is the reason behind her existence, her survival and her sustenance. Although no number of words will ever suffice in helping me string together sentences to express my eternal love and gratitude¬†towards the woman who has always been my pillar, I’d still colour some letters in my small attempt to thank her for all she’s done for me, for my family.

A very famous quote says, “A mother is born with the birth of her child.” What we don’t see is that with the birth of her child, she not only becomes a mother, but also opts a hundred other roles. Roles she performs like a professional. Roles that fit her perfectly. So here I am, saying thank you to my supermom, who is my role model in all aspects of life. Thank you mom, for carrying me for 9 uncomfortable months. Thank you mom, for loving me before you even had me. Thank you mom, for giving me the safety of the womb at the expense of morning nausea, physical discomforts and agony you went through in giving me a physical worldly status. Thank you mom, for spending sleepless nights, tending to a crying baby who won’t even stop. Thank you mom, for holding my finger for the first time that I learnt to hold myself up. Thank you for walking behind me so you could catch me if I stumble and for leading me to all the rightful places in life. Thank you for cheering me when I voiced my first word; “Maa”.

Thank you, for being not just a worldly but a spiritual teacher. Thank you for helping me distinguish all the wrongs from the rights. Thank you for paving a smooth road for me to walk on. Thank you for listening when no one spared me an ear. Thank you for motivating me and encouraging me when I felt like giving up. Thank you for giving me the kinds of advices that changed my life for the better. Thank you for teaching me the importance of humanity. Thank you maa, for being someone I could look up to. Thank you for being an angel, a blessing, a gift I could never thank God enough for. I feel myself the luckiest daughter in the world because I know that even if the whole world stands against me, there’d still be a lady who’d pat my shoulder and pump me with energy to stand tall. A woman who will give in everything she has for me. Maa, I might not be the perfect daughter but you are and always will be the Perfect Superwomom.

Although I know I sometimes act like a thankless brat, but the truth is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot deny the purity of your emotions. Sometimes, you feel like you haven’t been able to do enough as a mother. Maa, that has to be the biggest lie you’ve been telling yourself. You sacrificed your whole life just to give us an initiative to begin and today, all that WE have, it’s all yours. It’s all because of you. You fulfilled your part of being a mother, and are still going strong. I wish I could be half as great as you are. People ask me about the traits we have in common. Truth is, I’m nothing like you. I’ll never be like you. I might try but it all comes naturally to you and I wonder how can a single woman bottle up such greatness within her. I can never be a daughter as good as you or a sister as good as you have been. I’d feel sorry for my kids because they won’t have a mother as legendary as you are.

Maa, you are my lifeline. My support. You are my world and everything I am, I owe it to you. No length of paragraphs can explain to you how much I love you. Just stay with me forever, keep guiding me through the labyrinths of life. I love you beyond infinity. Happy Mothers Day.


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