:aitch two ess O four//


It was a beautiful sunny morning. Her mom parts the satin curtains, letting the sunlight stream in and wash her face in an illuminating glow. Her already beautiful face looks twice more angelic. “Good morning, princess,” her mom chirps. “Up with you. Time for college.”

She gets out of her comfort zone, ready for another day. She showers, dries her long, silky charcoal black hair, combs them back and secures them with a jewelled clip. She applies pink blush to her cheeks and lines her eyes with kohl. Her big eyes look even prettier, her eyelashes like a canopy over them. She applies a rose coloured lipstick over her beautifully shaped lips. Standing in front of her mirror, she examines herself. Beautiful. Enchanting. Gorgeous. She is everything a girl wishes to be. A girl possibly could be. Smiling, she pins her “dupatta” and goes downstairs. After finishing her breakfast, she leaves for the bus stop.

It’s 3:00pm. Her mom must be waiting for her. She walks through the streets, towards her house, beaming. Life’s so beautiful for her. Suddenly, she hears the whirring of a motorbike behind her. She turns to see. It was him. Terrified, she quickens her pace and then breaks into a run. Sweat beads her forehead. Why won’t he leave her alone? Like a wolf waits for the full moon, he waits for her. Everyday. He scares her but she is too reluctant to inform anyone because she knew, the society will only blame her. It’s always the girl. The girl who attracts males to herself, like moth to flames. It’s always the girl with a stained character. Always the girl who “brings it upon herself”. She runs but can’t outrun the wolf because he is too quick, too agile. The motorbike stops in front of her, he jumps off and blocks her way. There’s a bottle in his hand. Probably water because of the heat he has to wait in. She looks at her friend, who stares wide eyed at the animal. “You hold great pride for this beautiful face of yours, don’t you?,” he growls. She takes a step away from him, he takes a step towards her. The next minute, the air gets infused with her agonized screams. The kind of screams that penetrate through your bones, curdling your marrow. The screams that pierce through your brain, numbing your nerves. The wolf runs away but leaves her writhing on the soiled road. She clutches her face, and screams. People start to gather around her, watching the spectacle. Acting as silent spectators. Someone calls the ambulance and she is driven away to a land which promises if not much, but at least a little relief.

She finds herself in a bare room that smells of antiseptics, misery and…..acid. The memories come rushing back to her, filling her up like gas fills a balloon. Filling to the extent where she feels like she’ll burst into a million shreds. Ripped and torn. Her world had come tumbling down, the sky pressing down on her, the Earth hot and….acidic.

A little rush of hormones and lust taken as love, ruined her life. She now looks at her face and turns in disgust. There’s nothing left of those beautiful eyes but deep sunken pits. There’s nothing remaining of that fair skin but clogs of burnt tissues. There’s nothing left of her but walking dead. Everyday, she tries to stop breathing. Everyday, she wishes for the sun to not rise. Every night, she looks at the moon. True, the moon had pits, but pits not this deep. Not this ugly. He was the wolf and she was the moon. He ruined the moon. No one looks at her the same way. No one envies her. It’s only sympathy and fear. Fear that this could have been them. Life feels suffocating to her. With a sharp CRACK, the mirror shatters.

She ends her pain. She ends the agony. She ends the feeling of being a misfit. The loop of rope fits her ruined neck perfectly as if it was made for her. As if it was waiting for her. As the trachea snaps into two and the air supply’s cut, she smiles her last. It doesn’t matter. She had stopped breathing a long time ago. She had stopped living a long time ago. A long time ago….


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