:to love you//

I tasted it on my tongue-- the taste of love. It slithered down my throat like a silver coil of something sweet and savory. It settled in my stomach like a good news, elevating me to the highest level of ecstasy. Through my skin, it seeped into the air around me, painting it gold. I … Continue reading :to love you//


:him and her//

:HER: so i saw you you this morning, again, in a blue jersey, your hands stuffed into the deepest corners of your jean’s pockets. your hair were slightly messy with this one strand falling into your eyes. it was almost customary, no matter what place or what time, it had to stay that way. you … Continue reading :him and her//


We've all heard about fifty shades of grey or a burst of flame that encompasses thousand different hues of oranges and yellows. We've come across a red carpet of tulips and roses. We’ve walked past lush green grass and darker green trees. We are sheltered underneath a spread of vivid blues and streaks of purples … Continue reading :prism//


We tripped over stones and treaded through blooming gardens, scored the supermarket aisles and rummaged through parched sheets. we hoisted flags, each its vibrant colour and hailed our distinct personalities we drove from nowhere to anywhere, everywhere, together. white smiles, bright eyes, breezy laughters and warm breaths like colours in Aphrodite’s closet. But here’s where … Continue reading :frequencies//


The horrible faces leered at her. Their eyes were stitched shut and their mouths slashed at the corners and this gave them a permanent look of agonized laughter. The hair hung lanky and dry with dreadlocks braided with what seemed like pieces of rotting human flesh. The hands were wrinkled and shriveled with pointed talons, … Continue reading :faces//


Dearest, Words have failed me before, words fail me now as words have failed me countless times before. I hold a small world on my palm and you're somewhere in there, making it spin, keeping it alive. I'll not give you the largest part of my world but the smallest, most significant slice of it. … Continue reading :note//